Nancys avatarThe most inexpensive tool you can have to grow your business is your business card. Many people don’t even have a business, so their card will have personal contact information. Giving out a card is much easier than trying to find a little piece of paper to write down a phone number, etc. Also, looks more professional and says a lot about the person by the design of the card.

In the perfect world, if done correctly, the calling/business card has all the information necessary to make a connection with the person. But no! I have received  several business cards without email addresses, and one without a phone number. Are you kidding me? Why bother having cards printed at all? If there was a phone number, I contacted the person to get their email and they were reluctant to share it. Their excuse was that they get too many emails or junk mail, or maybe they consider all their emails junk. Obviously they don’t know anything about managing incoming mail or filtering email, but whatever the reason, why bother having cards at all?

I also know people who have cell phones but don’t turn them on. Now, there’s a waste of perfectly good equipment. Their reason is that they only have a mobile phone for an emergency, but don’t want to hear from anyone who may need them in an emergency.

We all know people who turn their computer on every couple of days, so if they get a time sensitive email, too bad! Ok, I get that, maybe, but these are the same people who have no clue what’s going on in the world, nor do they care. They will be the first to complain about being lonely and not hearing from their friends . . . go figure!
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