neutrals and pastelsFrom pastels, to energetic super-brights, and everything in between!

I just returned from the Color Marketing Group Conference and was so enlightened with what’s on tap for 2016. I would like to give you a delectable and unique enhancement for the seasons ahead.

The simplexity of beautiful, blushy pastels! Fresh beginnings of chalky pinks, sorbets, frescos and rosettos. These are the new “re-think lush” colors. The pastels are emerging with more saturation and more power.

The huge popularity of neutrals will be evolving. Milk-whites, coarse cotton colors, and whispers of colors are coming forward as neutrals. These chalky colors are being accepted as the “new neutrals.”

black and grayAnd, trends will shift slightly, but GRAY will STAY! Subdued and conservative, an “Urban Gent” gray has been adopted by homeowners and designers, and it will continue to be built upon by the incorporation of new colors that it will be partnering with. Browned-grays, or “gritty grays” will be surfacing.

2016 will introduce more feminine, tranquil and graceful with a very spiritual connection. The “mystique palette” of hybrid smoky blues, and the connectivity of intense purples and violets will be initiating harmony. The new “BLEEM” colors-greens and blues, will be inspiring us in a tranquil way.

Voyage blues, energy blues, weathering blues, bohemian blues, communication blues, under sea blues, vivid and dark blues, will all reflect that BLUE is the future!

ORGANIC SIMPLICITY – There is a top contender color which will be seen for both indoors and outdoors. GREEN – All kinds of earthy hues of olives, jungle colors, “OF THE EARTH” khakis and other variations for greens, will still continue finding their way into color palettes.

200 Shades of Black-Black is Forever! “Inky Blacks” remain. Black is still an edgy classic, a little cleaner and a little bolder. It is a very important color that will be paired with beautiful pastels and in high contrast with whites.

walls with pops of paint colorsINNOVATION, INDUSTRY AND ARTISTRY…Lots of “impulse palettes” will be emerging. Pops of super bright colors are really going to be making quite a statement because these hues can create that excitement for artistic expression. The “snappy, street art” colors will be appearing in design with authenticity, with a sheik and natural, rustic charm.

The shimmer palette of the “effect colors” is going to have a lot of wit and whimsy with faux real metals. “Glam” bold and elegant metallics that mimic metals will be very imaginative and expressive. Radiant deep teals, blues and yellows, and “nice beiges”  will be mixed with gray.

There is no “Color of the Year.” There are “Colors of the Year.” The future is now and there are no limits. There is never TOO much color!

20141023_193241_LLSDede received a BFA in Interior Design from Arizona State University and represents Dunn-Edwards as the Design Services Professional for the State of Arizona. She is an Advisory Committee PAC Member for the Art Institute of Phoenix, and an active Chair Holder in the International Color Marketing Group. Dede is an Allied ASID member and an IFDA Professional Member, as well as, past Arizona Chapter President of IFDA and a National Committee Member. She is also an NKBA Associate. Dede represents Dunn-Edwards in ASID, IFDA, and IIDA as an Industry Partner.