Everyone has a story about sounds coming through the walls. Whether an apartment, home or business, noisy walls are a problem!

Our guest is going to explain how simple and fun it is to soundproof a room in your home. Christine Sterling is with Image Craft, a company that has no boundaries when it comes to creativity.  Learn how to uniquely soundproof your zoom room, your baby’s room, your music room and more.  

Acoustic wallpaper 

  1. It is not too expensive – more than wallpaper but less than other soundproofing materials.
  2. Easy to install – just like wall paper.
  3. With digital the designs are endless.
  4. Manages rooms acoustics
  5. Fire resistant
  6. Made from water bottles!
  7. Created from 100% Post-Consumer Plastic Bottles. Recycled Solution Dyed Polyester.
  8. Fosshield® antimicrobial technology: Unlike antimicrobial agents that are applied via topical chemical coatings or include actual metals, the patented, non-leaching and ion-based antimicrobial technology in Fosshield is blended right into the fabric.
  9. NRC rating: .20
  10. Using state-of-the-art manufacturing here in the United States, the ECO-A.R.T. collection of sound absorbing wallcovering utilizes 100% post consumer BPA-free recycled plastic drinking bottles to create a beautiful visual and auditory room experience. 80 plastic bottles = 1 Yard.
  11. cutting-edge, sound absorbing product that brings warmth and comfort to every space, inspiring concentration and creativity by allowing you to speak and hear without echo or distraction from ambient noise. Up to .25 NRC depending on pattern, the clarity and articulation of voice and sound improves enormously to enhance the sound quality inside a room and provides dramatic acoustic improvement.

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