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Where Will Your Next Job Come From?

I want to tell you a story. A story about our connections, networks and the assumptions we make about them. The moral of the story-Customer service is 24 -7-365, and assume EVERYONE you meet is a potential customer. Back in the...

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Exploring the Boundaries between Space & Functional

With space at a premium, imagine a kitchen without boundaries or barriers, an environment free from conventional thought and restrictions, a kitchen created to reflect the needs and life style of the modern homeowner. The new...

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Color Watch for 2016

From pastels, to energetic super-brights, and everything in between! I just returned from the Color Marketing Group Conference and was so enlightened with what’s on tap for 2016. I would like to give you a delectable and...

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The Curse of Ransomware

What is Ransomware you ask? Ransomware software that is put on your computer by hackers that will encrypt (scramble) your files and forces you to pay money to get the password to un-encrypt them. Criminals no longer need to...

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What’s wrong with appliance design?

Mostly everything!  A short list follows: 1. Most appliances are organized (if you can call it that) around current thinking (if you call what currently passes for thinking…oh, never mind). Since no one appears to have had an...

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