nancyBy now you all have noticed that I am sending out Designers Circle on the first Monday of each month, but you can go into the site anytime you like since it is a website. This also affords me only 12 times a year to complain and criticize about things that really irk me. Maybe that’s a good thing.

I was at K/BIS last week and had a great time interviewing interesting well-know people, spending time with my sidekick, Dan, and getting to try some new restaurants. I flew to Vegas instead of driving because I needed to spend less hours in a car and more at the show. Flying out of Sky Harbor gave me another TSA experience- the forever embarrassing pat down only this time I was wearing a skirt. Gotta love it! Flying out of Vegas was better. Kept my shoes and coat on, went through the x-ray machine faster than a speeding bullet and away I went.

I must say the highlight of my trip was the Oyster Bar at the Palace Station. They cook everything right before your eyes. If you go on my recommendation, order the fresh crab or lobster pan-roasted with Brandy, Cream & Tomato served with steamed rice. We did wait 45 minutes to sit at the bar and another 40 minutes to be served, but I give this place 5 stars. The bar is open 24 hours so if you if you don’t want to wait, pick an off-time.

Getting back into the groove of working after the holidays was interesting. I noticed that almost every street is under construction. So pair that with the idiot drivers and we now have traffic mayhem. Nothing new there! Add to that all the out-of-towners visiting Phoenix/Scottsdale for the golf, car and horse events, and of course our beautiful weather, makes this a crazy place to get around. They say the tourists add millions to our economy and, although I have no clue where all that money ends up, I’m sure it’s a good thing for some people.

Next week is Super Bowl Sunday, my day to go shopping since everyone is plastered in front of a big screen TV at a party. (Ha, plastered might be the operative word!) And you all know my take on football. I’ll be rooting for the Denver Broncos because I like the white and navy combination on their uniforms. The Panthers will have the black and turquoise colors which I also like, but the white & navy are in right now. It’s all about the colors!

We are having a very Happy Hour on Thursday, Feb. 4th at Central AZ Supply. Hope to see you there!
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