Wall-to-wall carpet became popular in the 1950s when it became more affordable for everyday families and not just the wealthy.  People used carpeting in those days not knowing the pros and cons.  It just looked good and was affordable.  Times have changed. The consumers are more educated and want to know about the products they put in their home.

Our guest, John Koslowski, a Flooring Consultant with Healthy Home Flooring, explains everything we want to now about carpet.  . 

Choosing the Right Carpet for Your Lifestyle

  • The type of lifestyle you lead and the conditions of your household should greatly influence your carpet choice.
  • Carpet is usually the best choice for bedrooms 

Weight & Density

  • Amount of pile in the carpet and how close the tufts

Fiber Types

  • Natural, Wool, Synthetic


  • Your carpet is only as good as your underpad.

Maintaining your Carpet

  • Vacuum
  • Professional steam cleaning

Carpet trends for 2021

  • Colors & styles


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