Do you have a car or two? Do you use them? Dan has had a car of one shape or another for a couple of decades, but with world travel for work, it was sitting for months in a city with far too much automobile-related crime. Thus, for about 4 years now, Car(e) Free!

Obviously there are some downsides and challenges, but walking is healthy, public transportation is available, and ride sharing is a thing, so it’s not impossible, and in fact there are many upsides. Listen in to learn more!

As well we talk about people and pandemics and other various bits, you can listen in on that stuff, too!

Even though it’s not our favorite topic, you should stay on top of this virus so we come out on top in the end, and we always recommend taking about 30-40 minutes to get an update from a subject matter expert, Dr Daniel Griffin, via a weekly Clinical Update program from This Week in Virology, which you can watch on YouTube here:


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