Nancys avatarHow sad is it that we will never hear Joan Rivers bash people for being too fat or wearing ugly clothes again. No more comedy clubs, TV shows or book signings for her, although it wouldn’t surprise me if she is walking on the red carpet, no matter where she ended up.  Joan Rivers is the last of the original female comediennes who paved the road for Ladies of Comedy. This tragedy makes me think twice before going in for a “simple procedure.”

Joan’s untimely death stole the headlines from all those young actresses who have been complaining about their personal pictures being stolen from their cloud. I doubt if some of these people even know what a cloud is, other than the one their head is in.

Are these idiots not listening to the news when banks and large companies with sophisticated security systems get compromised and hacked? Does it make any sense to store things anywhere on the internet? Have we not read many, many times that in today’s society, nothing is private? And then there’s the question: “who stores naked pictures of one’s self anywhere and why?” Are they going to retrieve them in years to come to share with the grandkids?

I have this funny feeling most of these Hollywooders are upset because their pictures are now all over the media, but they didn’t get any money for them. And just as a side note, most of these exhibitionists are walking around with everything hanging out anyway.  What’s the big deal about the pictures?

Of course, if there were more narcissists like Kim Kardashian, there would be no headlines about picture thievery; just tons of selfies on instagram.

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