Nancy welcomes back Deron Rensen, Senior Area Sales Manager for Monogram, to update us on what is new in the world of Monogram appliances. 

Monogram’s Designer Collection is being introduced at the National Kitchen and Bath Show at the end of January in Las Vegas.  Deron is offering a sneak-peak with this link:  http://www.monogram.com/designer-collection/

  • Brass Collection – The Brass Collection presents a bold elegant aesthetic, based on the fundamentals of classical architecture, in gold and polished hues.
  • Titanium Collection – The Titanium Collection presents a contemporary luxury aesthetic rooted in the art of reductionism, with sleek lines and dark-charcoal muted tones.

Shopping for appliances?  Monogram is offering “One for You, One for Free”

  • Receive up to three free eligible Monogram appliances or generous credits toward the appliances of your choice
  • The most flexible reward program in the luxury appliance industry
  • 40 Free Models to choose from, or 30 Upgrade Models to choose from

Our last topic was the supply chain?  Is the lead time improving?

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