SmartFX is adjusted straight from your iOS or Android device so you can dim, brighten, change the color, or turn on/off your light without lifting more than a finger. SmartFx will instantly transform the ambiance of your room, and knock some $$ off your energy bill in the process.

Use for 40,000 hours (that’s 27 years of normal use)
Go green— use 10% the energy that a standard bulb uses
Use RGBW channels for brighter colors
Comparable to a 60w bulb with 550 lumens.
Turn the bulb on & off from the app on your smart phone.
Customize appearance with dimming & color options (16 million colors)
Enter “disco mode” to change the light along w/ the music
Schedule functions & set timers to fit your daily routine

For more info go to smfx.co