A Bluestar range is handcrafted in The United States for those who demand restaurant-quality results in their home kitchens. A commitment to precision in form and function is what makes BlueStar ranges some of the most highly-regarded and top-performing residential cooking equipment.

Founded in 1880, Prizer-Painter, Inc. – maker of the BlueStar brand – has established a reputation for top quality products, high performance, and reliability. Originally known as Prizer-Painter Stove and Heater Company, Prizer produced a full line of coal ranges, hot water heaters, furnaces and heating stoves, sold under many of the major brand names of the day.

In 2002 Prizer introduced genuine restaurant ranges to the residential market, under the BlueStar name. With technology and performance only found in professional ranges, BlueStar is the only true genuine restaurant range for the home. Today, BlueStar is widely considered the range of choice for top chefs and cooking enthusiasts who demand true cooking performance.


BlueStar appliances are available in a painter’s palette of colors and finishes. Select from 750+ colors plus textured finishes to turn up the heat on discerning kitchen design. Or, send us a sample of your favorite color and we will create a custom color for a look that is uniquely your own. Unleash your inner designer and create kitchen appliances that complement your personal kitchen décor.