Nancys avatarWe have all heard that expression “size matters.” I have no idea who said that, but I have noticed that in our society the size of whatever the thing is, it has to be very tiny or very large. Middle of the road, average, normal or medium doesn’t get any attention.

Avril Lavigne, a popular singer, was given a 17-carat diamond by her husband for staying married to him for a year. Where does someone wear a diamond this huge and why? First of all it’s a square cut which looks like a big ice cube. I would have preferred something with more cuts and look more blingy, but no one asked me. He gave her a 14-carat diamond for their engagement. How does she decide which one to wear when she goes to yoga? Such decisions!! The bottom line is: did he give it to her for all the attention they would receive, or is just because he hates to shop, so it’s easier to call his jeweler and order “same as last time only bigger. “

I got curious, did some research and found a company that claims to have produced the world’s smallest diamond. They say it has 57 facets, weighs 0.0003 carats and is very expensive. How many people would brag about having a ring with a diamond this size? Not one person. If you need a magnifying glass to check out the ring, you can bet no woman in her right mind will wear it.

It’s the biggest and the most that gets all the attention. Certainly, Kim Kardashian (you didn’t really think I was not going to mention this attention-seeker with the biggest rump) doesn’t wear the ridiculous outfits so she can walk down the street without being noticed? Of course not. And it’s not just the Hollywood weirdos doing this. It’s people we see around us every day. The purple hair, the over the top huge boobs with the come-and-get-it blouse, the very short skirts that should come with the tag saying “don’t bend down when you wear this,” the totally tattoed body plus enough piercings for 100 people, etc. Even the car with the loudest music to blow out anyone’s hearing is doing it to seek attention.

Did these attention seekers not get enough hugs when they were young? It’s not my job to figure it out. It’s my job to rant about it!

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