Having a rich history dating back thousands of years, Persian rugs were owned by aristocrats and powerful nobility. Not everyone was fortunate enough to possess these ornate rugs which were a source of pride and reflection of privilege for the owner.

When looking to buy a Persian rug, it is important to go to the right rug store so you get good quality at the right price. Some points to keep in mind include:

Handmade or Machine made: Rugs are of differing qualities, ranging from the lower end of the spectrum with machine made synthetic rugs to the highest available quality hand-knotted rugs. A good rug merchant will be able to help you in selecting the right rug type for your needs while keeping in mind your design and color preferences.

Rug size: The rug size you need will greatly affect the budget you should keep in mind for your purchase. The size of the rug also determines whether you will be able to select a rug from the in store selection or go custom.  It also helps to know a range rather than an exact size, so if you start shopping with a size of 9’3” x 13’8”, you are guaranteed to be frustrated and disappointed.  It is best to go with a minimum and maximum; 8’6” x 11’8” through 10’2” x 13’3”. This will make it much easier for you and your rug dealer to find your dream rug.

Type of dye used: Rugs can be made using synthetic or natural dye. Organic rugs make use of natural dyes from vegetables and other sources. Persian rugs made using natural dyes are usually more expensive as well.  Synthetic dyes allow a wider range of colors that are not available in natural dyes.  Both types of dyes have similar durability. Natural dyes may have a higher value in the future when the rug is in an antique category, around 70 years plus.

Rug Age: Depending on whether a rug is a more recent creation or vintage will affect its look, feel and price. Antique Persian rugs are considered collector’s items and are much more expensive than their new counterparts if they are in good condition.  Unless you are a collector, if your desire is to get the best price, use and durability, then get a new rug.

Saeed Aslam, 3rd generation in rug sales, has a Master of Business Administration and has been in the rug business for 33 years spanning over 3 continents and has travelled the world related to home furnishings décor and rug buying,  He is the Manager of Alyshaan Fine Rugs in Scottsdale and Sedona, Arizona.

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