alyshaan-20-1Decorating is a labor of love and the accessories are always key elements in bringing together the entire look. Including fine rugs in this respect elevates the entire décor but care should be taken to avoid the following mistakes when acquiring area rugs.                                    

1.       Choosing the rug(s) last:  You don’t have to choose the rug at the end. This is a big misconception. If you have existing furnishings, then you have no choice but to choose the rug and other accent items at the end, but if starting from scratch then don’t make this mistake. Since a fine rug is a valuable acquisition, it would be wiser to choose this first and work the rest of the items around your prized fine rug. It is also 100 times easier to compliment things to a fine rug, rather than the other way around.

2.       Choosing the Wrong rug for the Space – Don’t make the mistake of choosing a rug only for its beauty and not worrying about its function. As most things in life, if you combine good form and function, the resulting buy is one that gives you both beauty, function and comfort. SO make sure that the rug is not only beautiful, but the right size for the room.  If the room is dark, that it helps lighten it up.  If the room is dull, that it adds a lot of color and pizzazz to the room. Choose a dining room rug that is big enough to have the chairs remain on the rug when they are pulled back to be seated.

3.       Themes – Your home can benefit from different yet complimenting themes. In the same way, choose rugs that are not identical but complimentary and allow an aesthetic flow to be created in this way. Don’t limit yourself to only one theme all the way unless you really want to (best is to have some variation).

4.       Getting caught up in ‘gimmicks’ – Absolutely avoid getting caught up in gimmicks like one day sale, 80% off, or other such promotions. An investment such as a fine rug is not an impulse buy that you may end up regretting. Always go with an informed industry expert or showroom, and take your time till you are satisfied with the quality and workmanship of the product.

5.       Getting the Size Wrong  – A mistake to certainly avoid is getting the wrong size rug for a room. A rug that is too small will just not add the right impact – rather it will detract from the entire look you may be hoping to achieve. If you end up with a size too large, it may seem like you are forcefully trying to fit an existing item, rather than it reflecting your new special purchase, and giving a tacky look over all.

6.       Overlooking Quality – Earlier we shared our informative piece on the different types of handmade rugs for this very reason – not to misjudge the quality of rugs – a grave error in our view! Often times, inferior quality low grade wool rugs are made to look nicer by being washed with chemicals to give them a temporary, polished touch. Anytime you attempt to have such a rug cleaned or remove a spill, the chemical wash will just give in. You will then end up with a rug that looks vastly different from the rest of the rug in the cleaned area, or the whole rug looks different than it did before it was washed. Always choose a reputable rug store and get advice from the industry experts before making your investment!

Saeed-imageSaeed Aslam, 3rd generation in rug sales, has a Master of Business Administration and has been in the rug business for 33 years spanning over 3 continents and has travelled the world related to home furnishings décor and rug buying,  He is the Manager of Alyshaan Fine Rugs in Scottsdale and Sedona, Arizona.

Alyshaan has the largest and finest selection of fine rugs in Arizona with 3200 rugs in stock and offers a lifetime guarantee on every rug they sell .   Alyshaan is a strong supporter of the design community.  You can view their website at and call Saeed at 480-607-4955.