Monogram appliances introduced some new and interesting products so Nancy invited Deron Renson, Senior Area Sales Manager with Monogram, to explain why we don’t have to dry our dishes after they come out of the dishwasher, how the disposal works and the new pre-steam technology. 

  • New Dishwasher with Max Dry technology
    • Max Dry dries 2X better than leading DW
    • Internal LED Lights
    • Quiet Performance
    • Over 90 water jets (including bottle jets)
    • Hard Food Disposer
    • Steam and Sanitization

We also talked about the Hearth, a built-in oven with no door, that doesn’t heat the kitchen while making and roasting like professionals.  The hearth comes in several finishes including the new brass to match other items in the kitchen. 

  • Touch of Brass
    • New Brass Hearth Oven
    • New Brass Hood
    • Mixing metals

Deron explained how everyone can get special designer pricing.  Now, that is very interesting for the consumer!  Listen to learn more about these great appliances.

  • Special Designer Pricing
    • Clients who work with Designers receive special pricing
    • Monogram Trade Partner Program Benefits

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August 19, 2020

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