After hosting over 10 years of Happy Hours for the Design Community, I can tell you that wine is the beverage of choice. When I came across this article on the best ways to hold a wine glass, I thought it was important to share.  

Sommeliers agree that the optimal solutions for how to hold a wine glass:

  • Feel secure and comfortable.
  • Safeguard the wine from unnecessary changes in temperature (from warm hands).
  • Distance the wine from strong scents, such as hand lotions or perfumes.
  • Keep the bowl of the glass clean from cloudy fingerprints.
  • Allow you to swirl the wine and allow for aeration so you can fully experience the flavors and aromas.
  • Help you look cool and impress others you’re enjoying wine alongside.

Best way to hold a wine glass:

  • By the stem, with your fingers clutching the thin piece of glass that connects the bowl to the base.
  • By the base, with your thumb above and a few fingers below one side of the flat piece at the bottom of the glass.

Why does this matter:

  • Whether you prefer to hold the glass by the stem or base, the most important thing is safety and comfort. 
  • It doesn’t matter if you look cool or are holding it the “right” way if there’s a chance of the wine spilling, you’re at risk of dropping the glass, or might otherwise break the glass.
  • Holding the wine glass by the stem might feel more secure, easier to grip, and smoother to pick up and set down.
  • Whether you’re juggling a notebook, pen, and a wine glass at industry events, or are trying to balance a plate of snacks and your glass at a cocktail party, hold your glass any which way that means you won’t drop it or spill it.
  • The stem is there for a reason so the best way to hold a wine glass (for the majority of us) is by the stem.
  • What if your wine glass is stemless?  Hold the glass near the top as you enjoy your wine. This ensures that the least amount of heat is being transferred to the wine in the bottom of the glass.

The worst way to hold a wine glass:

  • Do not hold a stemmed wine glass with your palms wrapped around the bowl.
  • Heat from your hands and fingers can transfer to the glass, and may warm it up to an undesirable temperature.
  • Your fingers can leave smudges on the glass.

Source:  Karla Walsh, Better Homes & Garden