nancyIt’s time to clean out your fashionista closet. To help you purge I have listed a few things to throw out before 2016 hits us. If you are a professional, and I know all of you are a professional in some capacity, how people perceive you is important, especially if you are trying to grow your business.

Yoga Pants – Many of you are into yoga and I applaud you for this. I do understand that if you just came out of a class and need to run to the store afterwards, go for it. People wearing yoga pants as their usual outfit, unless they have a Super Model body, do not exude that “I’m a professional” look.

Leggings as pants – I thought this was a known fact, but apparently not. Leggings are just like pantyhose showing the world more than they care to see. Pair them with a short top and heels is not a great outfit, no matter who you are, unless you are auditioning for the Pussy Cat Review.

Sweats – while I’m on the subject of pants, sweats are not attractive on anyone. Keep them in the gym or for yard and house work. Does anyone ever check out their rear in a mirror? An imagination is not necessary since, like leggings, you are sharing your body parts with everyone “behind” you.

Pajamas in public – I have mentioned this before. No, I have written a whole article about this. Pajamas are not appropriate anywhere but in your house. Why oh why do people insist on wearing their pj’s and slippers out in public? Think about it….they just rolled out of bed, no shower, no deodorant, no nothing. And don’t you know, I end up behind them on the check-out line.

Overalls – I thought these went out with Hee Haw and Green Acres. Let’s leave the original adult onesie where it belongs: on the sweaty carpenter. The only advantage I can see is having pockets for everything and anything.

Excessively destroyed jeans – If you need to put self-tanner on your legs to wear your jeans, they are no longer jeans. They are jean skeletons—and they need to be laid to rest. Enough said about this fashion faux pas.

5” Stilettos – These shoes give even the shortest of women long legs, a look great with pretty much any outfit, and scream femininity. They also scream backache, foot pain, and possible ankle fractures and permanent damage. Most women do not know how to walk in such contraptions so before you take a spill, think safety first.

Hope these hints helped with your ongoing task to look your best in the professional world.