In my opinion, we are far from done with this ugly pandemic. For those who want to rush the opening of everything that has been closed, I say, “get your head of . . . the sand, people!”

It’s common sense that social or physical distancing is working. This is nothing new. Staying away from people who are sick is something we all grew up with. When a kid got the chicken pox or measles, the germ jumped around to many of his/her classmates. They didn’t hug or kiss each other, at least not when I was in grade school, but they did share pencils, sandwiches and books. We usually had 50 to 60 kids in a room, so distancing was out of the question. Within a week, a large percentage of the class was quarantined at home. A sign was posted on the front door for everyone to see, and you had to have a doctor’s note to get back to school.

Did you ever get on a plane only to find that some of the passengers are hacking, sneezing and coughing? It’s then too late to deplane. It’s already taken off with the infected people are sharing germs with the other passengers.

People don’t usually cover their mouth when they sneeze or cough! They don’t think about touching things where germs can be transferred to others. Why? Because they are not sick at that moment and they are only thinking of their agenda.

I watched the video of the hundreds of people at the Arizona state capitol last week protesting Gov. Ducey’s stay-at-home order to combat the coronavirus. I was shocked at the people who didn’t have masks or who didn’t keep the recommended 6’ distance from other protestors. There were many adults at this event who brought their kids and even babies in strollers. They just want everything to be open and back to normal.

First of all, I would be the last person to be found in this crowd or any crowd at this time, and second, to put it bluntly, just because the house fire is out, it doesn’t mean it’s ok to run back to the house to salvage your belongs? No! Absolutely not. It’s only safe to enter the home when the authorities say it is.

The faster we go back to “business as usual,” the faster the numbers of infected people will rise. Watch the graphs and figure this out for yourself. I believe we have to be patient, and make CDC rules part of life.

Face it, people. This IS the new normal.  It’s done when it’s done!