Are you wanting to make some upgrades to your kitchen but don’t know where to start? Are you overwhelmed with what to choose to perfectly fit your lifestyle?

Because most people don’t make these decisions often enough to get good at it, Nancy’s guest, Chef Andrew Forlines, is going to help to understand and navigate the appliance industry.

He has spent years in kitchen showrooms guiding countless clients through the appliance selection process. He has been trained by all major appliance manufacturers on their products so he is able to share his knowledge and insights you need to make the appliance selection for your kitchen with confidence. 

Our chat today includes: 

Cooking Technology

  • Market trends and future plans
  • Steam Ovens, use and food science
  • Induction vs. Gas, pros & cons
  • Smart connected appliances

The home kitchen appliance selection and purchase process (Designer-client interaction regarding appliances)

  • How to determine the best appliance portfolio for a kitchen
    • Identify & Match lifestyle/cooking habits with appliance types
    • Eliminate the need to look at EVERY appliances available by honing in on client preferences
    • The new client expectations; experiential vs. status symbol

Chef Andrew’s website: Appliance-academy.com

Chef Andrew

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