Yesterday’s Business Casual

Last October I wrote about what the proper attire is for the professional.  Things are not as strict as they were years ago but no matter where you work, you still represent the company who pays your salary.  If you work for yourself, wearing the appropriate clothes for your position is doubly important because you represent your company.

In my article I enumerated several things that should definitely not be worn to work – sheer tops, workout clothes, yoga pants, pajamas and flip flops to name a few things.

Fast forward to today where times have changed exponentially. Since March, Covid-19 has affected our lives in every conceivable way.  Being quarantined and having to work from home has had its disadvantages, but it also has had some advantages.

Today’s Business Whatever

There’s no dress code to adhere to and no one to criticize what you are wearing or not wearing.  Business casual will possibly be a thing of the past with more of a Free Spirt casual look taking its place. Wearing a bathing suit, pajamas or nothing at all may be your outfit-of-the-day, but don’t forget to dress appropriate from the waist up for those Zoom meetings.  Just don’t stand up!

Ladies, now you don’t have to “do” your hair and make-up.  The natural look is finally in!  No mascara or lipstick means doing away with face scrubbing at the end of the day.  We can trade in lipstick for lip moisture since masks will probably be part of our life for the foreseeable future. 

Guys, look at all the time and money you can save not shaving.  We can all go through the day with bedhead, wet head, or in my case, curly head!

Getting back to a professional look when we resume working outside the home and/or in an office will be an adjustment, but for now enjoy this carefree lifestyle. Hopefully, it won’t last forever!