To all my Soapbox readers:

First, I want to say Happy 2019.  It’s going to be a great year for everyone (We all should be thinking positive–no room for negativity in your life!)

Writing a weekly column affords me the chance to share by thoughts on most everything, religion and politics excluded.  I’m going to start off the year with my thoughts on the Royals of England, a cross between a Hallmark moment and Nightmare on Elm Street. 

Can you imagine being in their position and having everyone in the world know your every move?  And, if the media doesn’t have anything to write about, they surely make up the juiciest of rumors, spreading the gossip on every platform.

Looking back on 2018, with all the craziness in this world, these are a few of the topics the media focused on:

* Markle married Harry and they are expecting a baby.  Big deal.  The kid does not have a chance in my lifetime to be king of England, so why do we have to know about every move these 2 make? 

*  Megan’s family tree is another story.  These losers manage to get in the news and show the world that they are trailer trash.  The media should refuse to interview these deadbeats, and move on to something else.  But of course, anything to sell copy, right?

*  Who will outlive whom – Prince Philip or the Queen?  I’m sure there are heavy bets on that one. And what happens to ugly Camilla when her two-timing husband takes the crown? God help them!

*  Why is Fergie still hanging around the castle after 22 years of being divorced from her husband of 10 years? Can we say she’s a want-a-be princess?

I can go on and on, but do I really want to? No, although I must admit, this does make good copy.  If it didn’t, The Crown wouldn’t have won so many nominations and awards.  Here’s to you, Liz, for being at the helm of an outrageously crazy family.