After 11 years of writing topics on various subjects to enlighten you, and hopefully entertain you, as of last week my soapbox changed course.  I mentioned that my husband, Jim, is having serious health issues but we hoped there would be a good outcome.

As I posted on facebook, after many, many tests we got the word that Jim cannot have any surgery on his heart or his brain. The Barrows team recommended that Jim go into Hospice.  I am not a fan of facebook, but in this instance, it is working for us.

To update for those who are not reading my post on facebook, Jim is now home as of Saturday.  We want to thank everyone all for the thoughts, prayers, hugs, love and comments regarding our situation.

At this time I feel that taking a break from writing this soapbox is necessary and will give me more time to spend with my husband.

Thank you again for your support.