Article about different types of rugs

Hand knotted fine silk

If you ever find yourself perplexed when it comes to selecting rugs, just remember there are different types and styles of fine rugs out there. Handmade rugs are top tier, while machine-made rugs are considered far inferior in quality and durability. Within handmade rugs, there are variations in quality depending on the method used to create the rug itself. This is the basis of differentiation and often reflected in the price charged too.

Read on to learn more and arm yourself with the knowledge to help you through the maze of options in fine rugs.


1.  Hand Tufted Rugs: These rugs are created using an instrument that pushes wool through a canvas material and glue is applied to keep the strands from moving. To hide the strands at the back as well as the glue, an extra backing is added, thereby giving the rug a completed look.  This is the best way to identify hand tufted rugs –they will have a canvas type backing.

2.  Hand Hooked Rugs: The hand hooked rugs are much lower in quality within the handmade rugs category. They basically used loops instead of hand knots to form the rug.

3.  Hand Knotted Rugs: A class apart when it comes to the types of rugs within handmade rugs. The hand knotted rugs are far superior in quality and design. These are true works of art, with every knot being hand-tied to create a beautiful masterpiece. Lasting generations, the hand knotted rug can become a prized heirloom when taken good care of.


Apart from these different types of handmade rugs, there are also different rug styles. Depending on the type of rug chosen, you can often select any one or all of the rug styles of your choice. Hand knotted rugs offer the most versatility in this respect.

The styles of handmade rugs are: Traditional, Tribal, Contemporary/Modern and Transitional.

Traditional rugs offer the famed Persian and oriental designs, popular over the last many decades. Tribal rugs are often of a geometric design and work very well in a modern or eclectic theme home. Contemporary designs are always popular, since they are very much with the times and are an excellent blend of the traditional and mode modern designs, and offer a great flow when working with a home having more than one type of theme.

TRADITIONAL RUGS have designs that remain popular over centuries. These include floral and oriental or Persian designs.

TRIBAL RUGS are nomadic rugs made in a village or tribal environment. These are usually geometric designs.

CONTEMPORARY / MODERN rugs are designs being made in our time and have a modern look.

TRANSITIONAL rugs are designs that combine traditional motifs with contemporary design.

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