Nancys avatarWith the constant updates regarding the Ebola virus moving into our country, the Hollywood drama regarding the compromised personal pictures of certain starlets has finally died down. They all acted like this was a breach of national security!

Isn’t it a little strange that these narcissistic, publicity-hoarding nitwits hit the airways and social media letting everyone know that their x-rated personal pictures are now available to everyone. Really? We all know that most of these people are exhibitionists, and are always posing with and without clothes. Nothing new here! Matter of fact, these are the people who are experts in selfies sharing everything that happens in their lives.

This ploy is just another example of getting free publicity to further their careers. Have you noticed that the rag & TMZ photographers just happen to be everywhere, and OMG, the Hollywood set doesn’t know that? Oh, give me a break!

There are certain people who shall remain nameless with the initials, KK, LGG (Lady Gaga for those who didn’t get this one) and R (Rihanna, you need a little help on this one, too) who make no secret about posting their body on social media. They have pictures all over the internet wearing almost nothing, and in some cases . . . nothing! These people shouldn’t complain about anything having to do with their cloud. They are hauling millions to the bank. Ok, I agree that #2 & #3 are talented and #1 has none to speak of, but the shenanigans they pull, overshadow their talent.

Just saying . . . when their cloud was compromised, I would not have put it past them to do the deed themselves, just for more publicity.

Shame on our society for giving these people so much attention.

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