Nancys avatarWell, here we go again. Another octogenarian marries a 24-year- old Playboy model. Sound familiar? Austrian billionaire, Richard Lugner, 81, married Cathy Schmitz, his 5th wife. And, OMG, she wore a purple and white wedding gown. It’s the color of the year, but, please . . . this gown looked so trashy.

When the bride was born, Lugner was 57-years-old. When she became a teenager, he celebrated his 70th birthday. What do they have in common? What do they talk about? I can’t imagine them discussing anything but food and sex. And even at that, he better hurry up. She’ll be looking at the chauffeur and the bodyguard as soon as he models his first pair of Depends.

I did a little checking on his background and found out that he paid Kim Kardashian $.5M to accompany him to the annual Vienna Opera Ball. Lugner complained about Kim being board and not holding up her part of the bargain. What bargain? She was too busy posing for the cameras (nothing new there) and then she left early. This happened after she had her kid, so what was he thinking? As a side note, I do give Kim credit for getting that much money to walk next to an old man, but she probably did it for the selfies.

Can we say Cathy Schmitz is smarter than a fifth grader? If she can wangle out a few million by just being eye candy, good for her. But, if she gets nothing from a divorce or after his death, girl wake-up and don’t waste your time.

Just my opinion!

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