Over the past several years, I have noticed that people do not take responsibility for mistakes they have made.

People like this often blame their mistakes on someone or something else, rather than admitting any role in it.  The words, “I’m sorry,” “I made a mistake,” or “that’s my fault” does not exist in their vocabulary.

It might be due to the lack of security, being egotistical or fear of what would happen if there is an admission of guilt.

“Being egotistical is often synonymous with being selfish or self-centered,” Erin Dierickx, LMFT, a licensed marriage and family therapist associate. And according to licensed clinical social worker Scott Dehorty, LCSW-C, it also points to an exaggerated sense of self-importance, where a person might consider themselves separate from or better than everyone else.

Whenever I have made an error on a job, I am the first to admit it and apologize.  Several times I have paid for the error, yes, in money!  A happy client is what people in business strive for, sometimes at a cost.  Happy clients grow my business.

As a professional I pride myself in knowing people but sometimes I get it wrong, as I did recently.  I was very disappointed when this happened on a job where the finger-pointing went on via text and email.  Tsk, tsk, not very professional but it does show the true colors of this person and the company involved.

The only solution is to walk away from these people as fast as you can. In my opinion, nothing will ever get resolved if they just can’t admit their mistake and rectify it.

Has anyone experienced a situation like this?  If so, care to comment?