Everyone loves the look and the coziness of fireplaces and I’m no exception.  I have been including fireplaces in my designs for years.  Family rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and patios.

Today I am happy to have as my guest Keith Richardson, President at Arizona Fireplaces, a leading player in the hearth industry. Keith’s parents founded Arizona Fireplace in 1980 and holds the distinction of being of the the fastest-growing privately held companies in the nation.

Keith explains what sets his company apart from other players in the hearth industry. 

By the end of this episode, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of the various types of fireplaces, their unique benefits and drawbacks, and practical advice on selecting the perfect fireplace to enhance your home’s ambiance. Whether you seek the traditional charm of a wood-burning hearth, the modern convenience of gas, the flexibility of electric, or the sleek design of ethanol, this episode will help you make an informed decision.

Additionally, Keith will answer the following list of common questions:

  • What wood species should and shouldn’t be burned?
  • What is the most popular type of fireplace?
  • Do homeowners get a fireplace for looks or heat?
  • What to do for “no burn” days?
  • Is it difficult to install a fireplace from Arizona Fireplace?
  • Can fireplaces be ordered online?

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