Nancys avatarWe all want to help the local schools, especially if we have children or grandchildren who are students at these schools.  Bake sale fundraisers seem harmless, although after the rants about my food preferences, I am not the person supporting food events.  Let’s visit the “car wash” fiasco as a money raiser.

Yesterday I was stopped at a light at one of the major intersections not far from my house, when I noticed a group of young girls provocatively jumping up and down, with signs advertising their car wash event.  No problem with that except, as the time goes by, I have noticed the girls are becoming more “well endowed” and wearing less and less.  This could be a driving hazard for the teenage boy or dirty old man. They also seem to be getting more aggressive when the cars are stopped at the light.  One young lady came right up to my closed window and stared at me.  This must be a new selling technique.

Are girls learning at a very young age that sex sells, or am I reading too deep into this?  I can’t imagine that their teachers are telling them to act this way to attract more customers, hence more money for the football team or whatever the charity may be. Or, maybe these young girls are being encouraged to use their bodies for attention. I also feel the movies, television, advertisements, and social media glamorize this behavior. 

Given a different time of day and place, without soap buckets and sponges, they could be selling something else.   I’ll leave that to your imagination!
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