Nancys avatarI have always heard that things happen in 3’s, and this week’s news makers fit that rule.  Of the 3 events, in my opinion, the unexpected passing of James Gandolfini, a.k.a. Tony Soprano, was a real shocker, to say the least.  At 51 years of age and looking very healthy, although one never knows when the ticker is going to give out, he left this world too soon.  In reading about Gandolfini’s  background, I found out that he grew up 3 miles from the town I grew up in, and of course, we have the same heritage.  The Sopranos gave the “organization” a personality, good or bad, that wasn’t shown in “The Untouchables,” thanks to the incredible acting ability of the main character and the writers of the series.  James Gandolfini, R.I.P.

The second news maker is Paula Deen, Queen of Southern Cooking, who shocked her fans by being fired from the Food Network for using racial slurs.  In addition she is involved in a lawsuit accusing her of sexually & racially harassing an employee.  Unfortunately, her flippant attitude about using the N-word won’t win her a good-girl spot on the list of Southern Bells, although there are thousands of fans coming to her defense publicly denouncing the decision of the Food Network.  We’ll have to see how this one plays out.

Lastly, I can’t believe someone with a last name of West would name their little baby girl “North.”  These parents are thinking more of the publicity then how their daughter will be harassed for her weird name.  But is it any surprise that Kim Kardashian, queen of talentless celebrities, and the baby’s father, Kanye West, foul-mouth rapper extraordinaire, would go to any length for more publicity?  Celebrity parents don’t think beyond the moment when it comes to naming their offspring.  Surfing through the list of these weird names I had a tough time picking out the craziest, but this one caught my eye;  Jermajesty is the name given to Jermaine Jackson’s baby girl.  Shame on him for that one!
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