We finally said good bye and good riddance to 2012, and hello to 2013.  I have a good feeling that this will be OUR year.

Consumers are realizing that if they want to change anything in their house, now is the time to do it.  Arizona is one of the states experiencing an upturn in the economy.  Many remodeling contractors have been receiving those long awaited phone calls for work.  The appliance companies, the pulse of our business, are getting busier than they’ve been in years.  And just about everyone I know in our business has a smile on their face.  Yes, we will all be working our butts off, but we will  enjoy doing it.

Designers Circle has not been published for 2 weeks due to the Christmas and New Year holidays.  By the way, whose idea was it in the first place to schedule these 2 major holidays a week apart?  There should be a law to move one of holidays to August, a most uneventful month unless, of course, you are going on vacation!

We are back on schedule now, and will work diligently to get everything we need to include Tucson in this publication.  Our Happy Hours are solidly booked through the end of 2014, so there is no fear of going through a month without networking and wine. 

Please make an effort to comment on things you read in this publication.  The comment button is in the black bar at the end of every posting.  Your commenting will encourage others to comment which makes for interesting bantering. 

For those of you who look forward to reading my ranting about “everything,” fear not!  I will be back on my soapbox  in commenting  and complaining  mode, as usual, by next week.

Have a great year, and smile!  It will all be worth it in the end.