Did I miss something, or was CIA Director, General David Petraeus, forgiven for his little flingy-dingy with his biographer, Paula Broadwell?  Around the first week of November, coincidentally the same week as the election, we were inundated with every detail of this illicit affair between these two, supposedly, happily married professionals (each married to their own spouse, not each other). 

We were told about Petraeus’ dedicated wife, Holly, and how she was always there for him, as well as, the troops she supported.  We were introduced to all the sordid players from Jill Kelley, the Tampa socialite, and husband Dr. Scott Kelley, to FBI Agent Humphries, a veteran counterterrorism investigator, who sent a “shirtless” picture of himself to Jill.

I was getting ready to follow this soap opera to the end!  I was curious if Holly was going to stay, and what would happen to Paula’s marriage.  And, what really went on in Benghazi.  I felt like I knew all the characters.  This was a cool reality show, and I was ready for all the juicy trash.  Then all of a sudden someone pulled the plug.

Did they not get a sponsor for the show?  Is the public sick and tired of famous people having affairs and asking for forgiveness in their time of weakness?  Or, maybe someone kidnapped Petraeus and put a sock in his mouth! 

Every time I get interested in a cool TV show, it gets cancelled and I have no idea how it ends!