Can you imagine in your wildest dreams what it would be like to be a famous celebrity constantly hounded and followed by the paparazzi?  Using disguises to go out in public and keeping wedding plans top secret so intimate moments can be private seem to be part of the celebrities’ lives. 

There exists a love-hate relationship between the celebrities and these photographic opportunists!  No picture means no publicity which means no notariety for the celeb and no money for the pap.  The more famous the celeb, the higher the value of the picture(s).   Of course, we know that certain people (K.Kardashian and J.Simpson, to name a few) love the paparazzi!

So, why do these obnoxious photographers do what they do?  Money and greed!  It is a contest among this pack of wolves to see who can get the first baby picture or wedding picture of the rich and famous.  Or, who can get the most embarrassing shot of a wardrobe malfunction or a private moment between two people. Outfitted with the longest camera lens money can buy, they have recently embarrassed Will and Kate, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, while enjoying their private holiday.

Some pictures have been known to bring in millions of dollars to the paparazzi.  The exclusive pictures of the Brad Pitt-Angelina Jolie future wedding could be worth $10 million and the pictures of the birth of their twins in 2008, brought in a hefty $14 million.

The bottom line is that the worth of these pictures is directly proportionate to the number of eyes viewing the pictures.  A paparazzi with “good connections” can make $500,000 per year.  Can we put these wolves out of business by showing them that we are not interested in these pictures?  It will probably never happen!  A large part of our society enjoys knowing the intimate details of others.  Shame on them!  Do they have no scruples?