If you have been reading Nancy’s Notes, you have found me to be upbeat, pleasant and positive.  Every once in a while, I have to get on my soapbox and spew.  It is great for the soul and might actually teach people something, I hope! 

One of my pet peeves is being interrupted.  It has happened to me more than once.  Actually it has happened too many times.  I will be talking with Person “A” regarding business, or whatever, and Person “B” will walk up to Person “A”  and start talking, ignoring the fact that I am standing there.   This has happened in social situations and business meetings several times.  It has even happened at the monthly Happy Hours I host.   I have never heard an “excuse me,” or “I am sorry for interrupting,” or anything else along those lines.  They just continue their conversation and when finished Person “B” walks away.  I would be more accepting of this practice if I were included in the conversation, but usually I am ignored and treated like a window, if you catch my drift.  

For self preservation, I now walk away when A & B begin their conversation and exclude me.  I have no patience for rude, ill-mannered people.

Did they not learn social manners as a child?   Did their parents not explain to them that interrupting is unacceptable.   Should we chalk it up to the “me” generation’s way of conducting themselves?  How are they going to teach their children about manners if they don’t have any? 

Has this happened to you or am I in a group of 1?