ELEVATING THE DÉCOR: Nothing elevates everything around it as a handmade area rug does.  It is value by association; just like assuming that a fine car will have a nice stereo or a lady wearing a Rolex is probably wearing expensive attire; the moment people notice a fine handmade rug in a room, it conveys that everything around it must be high end also.  That is why when a designer is faced with a challenge of making home décor look exquisite, but without a huge budget, placing a fine handmade rug is usually a great way to accomplish this.

VALUE: Nothing retains its value as well as a good handmade area rug.  Many rug dealers say that rugs are a great investment vehicle because the client can make money on them in a few years, and this is absolutely false.  A rug may appreciate in value after 50 to 100 years; but the fact that they can last for a century or longer, retain or appreciate in value, age beautifully, and become heirlooms, make them a magnificent investment and your clients will love you for putting them on this path.

CLEANLINESS: Rugs clean very easily, take a lot of abuse and still look beautiful after decades of use. Your clients will appreciate the use they get out of them and how beautiful they look even after all the beating they may get.

HEALTH: Unlike wall to wall carpet, which can be bacteria city even after it is cleaned, handmade area rugs can be sent out to be professionally washed, which makes them much cleaner than wall to wall carpeting and thus much healthier for the whole family.

GREEN: The majority of fine handmade area rugs are green in that they use natural fibers like wool, cotton and/or silks and they do not require harsh chemicals to clean them and keep them looking beautiful for generations.

CLASS: Fine rugs are beyond just décor, they convey history, class, education, refined taste; all wonderful things for your clients and specially their children to be exposed to.

  Saeed-imageSaeed Aslam, 3rd generation in rug sales, has a Master of Business Administration and has been in the rug business for 33 years spanning over 3 continents and has travelled the world related to home furnishings décor and rug buying,  He is the Manager of Alyshaan Fine Rugs in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Alyshaan has the largest and finest selection of fine rugs in Arizona with 3200 rugs in stock.  As 2012 they are the ASID Industry Partner of the Year, and the Platinum Sponsor of the 2013 ASID Design Excellence Awards.   Alyshaan is a strong supporter of the design community.