Although clearing out clutter is the first step to a neat looking home, but the way you furnish and decorate the room is also critical to its overall neatness. Decorating mistakes can date the home and make the design look disheveled and chaotic. When something isn’t quite right, it can detract from the design and interfere with the overall mood of the room. .

Here are 6 hints to help create a space that looks clean and organized:

1. Don’t rely on Open Storage

Open shelves are a great place to store books and display collectibles or art, but this type of storage works best when it’s not overcrowded. Don’t pack every inch of space with books and accessories. Leave some open space between items and  avoid using open storage to manage electronics and cables or to hold games, movies, and toys. 

2. Using Too Many Colors

Decorating with too many colors guarantees a cluttered look.  Use one or two hues combined with neutral colors to give your home a cohesive, relaxed look. 

3. Too Many Accent Pillows

Limit the number of accent pillows on a sofa or bed. Too many pillows makes the room look dated.  Less is more!

4. Pushing Furniture Against Walls

Arranging all of your furniture up against the walls can make the space look cluttered and messy. Instead, pull the furniture away from the walls and toward the center of the room creating more interest.  A grouping of four chairs around a coffee table creates the perfect conversation area. Ground the furniture with an area rug to tie the arrangement together.

5. Placing Too Much Decor on Tables

Limit the number of accessories on a table, and then decorate the table with one or two groupings of items.  Only display what you love and what is functional.

6. Hanging Pictures Randomly

Group pictures in a gallery wall arrangement to make the room appear more organized and balanced. The art hung above this bed, for example, demonstrates how several pieces can be hung to create a visually pleasing and curated look.