As designers we know how important it is to design FOR the client.  Incorporating their interests, likes and wishes in the project are what we do best. 

When I first saw this kitchen, my eye went directly to the contrast of the light perimeter cabinets and dark island cabinets.  In my humble opinion, the hood should have matched the light colored cabinets.  The refrigerator should have matching cabinet fronts and be camouflaged, not accentuated.  I thought the kitchen was generally attractive, had lots of natural light and counter space.  But, wait!  Why are those carved horses holding up the counter top?  Does the homeowner love merry-go-rounds, or worse yet, is this the the home of the owners of the Kentucky Derby winner? 

One more thing!  Not to be too critical, but that TV is way out of line in this setting.  It looks like a highway billboard. 

As a reader of Designers Circle, I am sure you have figured out that I keep my opinions to myself, most of the time.  Well, actually, some of the time.  But in this case, I feel it is my “design duty” to point out some of these little things that don’t quite make this kitchen a “wow.”  What do you think?