Nancys avatarDo you remember when the economy was on its way down?  So many people were unemployed, others worrying about their jobs and home mortgages, not knowing what the future was going to be like for them.  The over-used phrase was “my house is under water!”  That phrase should be reserved for the victims of Katrina and Sandy.   Oops!  I digress.

Being the consumate networker that I am, I started a blog in May, 2009, letting a few friends know where the events were going on for the Phoenix area design community.  The blog snowballed into Designers Circle, an 8-page “webazine” going out to over 2,000 people in the design community of the Phoenix metro area.  We have recently begun to expand into Tucson as well.

My web master, Chris, was speechless when I told him I was averaging 1.5 million page views for the year.  The Happy Hours that Designers Circle hosts 10 months a year bring people together who don’t just network, they build relationships for their personal and professional lives.

An offshoot of Designers Circle is Kitchen & Bath Design Chat, a podcast introducing new products & services to the listeners.  My guests have been the advertisers on Designers Circle who have the opportunity to chat with me and educate the public.  Since Kitchen & Bath Design Chat is on iTunes and several other podcast directories, the number of listeners has been increasing rapidly.

It is because of you, the readers, supporters and advertisers of Designers Circle, that I send out a big THANK YOU. Without you I would still be designing kitchens and baths.  Oh, wait!  I am still busy running my design business!  So where can I have 2 full-time, fun jobs and go to parties and events all the time?
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