Every now and then we are witness to a new product that transforms and revolutionizes the way we live in America…
From hot air balloons to commercial jets, horse buggies to cars, mold to penicillin and stone tablets to I-Pads!  The same goes for countertops.  In my continued search for new countertop products, I have found one that goes above and beyond all expectations.
Over the past year I discovered a brand new product called NEOLITH ready to hit America’s countertop market and meet the “modern trend” demand for 2012 and beyond.  This futuristic, new and exciting product has been created to out-perform the strength and functionality of a Granite and Quartz slab combined.  We’ve all seen the dog and pony show before, but believe me when I say of my 15 years in the stone industry, this takes the cake!  The flaming torch!  The knife!  The hot pans!  The impact!  The spills!  The raw food!  Come to think of if?  The only way you could probably hurt this surface, is if it had feelings!  LOL.  I think you’ll get the picture when you click on this MUST SEE video!  http://thesize.es/


Neolith is today’s cutting edge surface technology.  Made from natural geological elements, fused together (sintered) under intense heat and pressure, this natural process does not give off any substances harmful to the environment.  This is truly a “cradle to cradle” product.  No binders, no fillers, no epoxy or resins.  Neolith is now endorsed by world famous chefs, while the newly preferred surface of the International Architectural and Interior Design community for Kitchen Countertops and Commercial projects across the globe from Hollywood to Dubai.  In short, I personally put this new product to the test at my home…  NEOLITH has my vote!

Charles Holquin is the author of Granite Countertops 101 and has spent the last 15 years as an international natural stone supplier & broker.  He is the consummate information marketer for the next generation of the stone world & sustainable recycled products.  He has created new ideals in the stone trade and continues to educate and consult the natural stone consumers of America .