Queen Elizabeth II is, in my opinion, the most well-know woman in the world.  Likely because she has been the reigning Queen of England longer than any other monarch . . . 64 years to be exact.

In all that time she has accumulated 300 handbags at a cost of $2,380 each, some of various colors, but most of them all look the same and always on her left arm. (I hope she gets the good queen quanity discount, at least) I have always been curious about what she carries in her bag.  She certainly doesn’t need a passport or a driver’s license since she doesn’t travel on British Airways.  Can you image her going through a security check?

No wallet, no need for money!  No keys to get into her castles! And certainly, no cellphone or tablet. 

So what’s in that bag?  A pair of royal reading glasses, maybe to read about Charles and Camilla!  A royal hankie to wipe her tears when she laughs too much, and of course a fountain pen if someone would get close enough to ask for her autograph.  And, yes, some treats for her corgis although I have never seen them travel with her. 

I would think she should have a cellphone.  It certainly would come in handy for texting, taking pictures and gps.  And maybe one of her crowns so she can be recognized as royalty. What woman doesn’t care a comb for those windy days?  Queenie, I don’t think you are prepared for those little emergencies.

So there you have it.  Now you know more about her then you ever cared to, right?