Is it hot enough for you? We knew it was coming, but it seems like only yesterday that wearing a sweater was part of my daily outfit (for me anyway)!  The dreaded excessive heat warning has been issued for this week. Yes, 120ºF plus or minus is hitting the Phoenix area, but not a big deal.  I keep telling myself it’s better than shoveling snow, right?  And since everything is air conditioned, the heat is really bearable, unless you work outside. 

No matter where I go (outside of Arizona), I am always asked the same question when people find out I’m from Phoenix.  “How do you live in that heat? OMG, I hear you can fry an egg on the sidewalk!”  These people act like we live in Death Valley, but they are the first ones to visit our state when they are buried under snow and ice.

We all know the drill for this time of year: 

   *Pile on the deodorant, drink lots of water and don’t forget the sunscreen.

   *Don’t be an idiot and jog in the heat.  Dehydration, sunstroke and heat exhaustion are not a joke!

   *Don’t leave make-up, pens, candles or food in your car. 

   *Park under a tree if you can find one, and don’t stress over the bird poop!

More importantly:

   *There are still stupid people out there who leave their child or pet in a closed car. Jump into rescue mode, break a window and save a life.

   *Watch children by water.  Even one child drowning is one too many.

Have a fun and safe summer. It will cool down before you know it!