entertainers showing a picture of a microphone and sparkle lightsThe media has a way of saturating us with news, the same news written 25 different ways to entice us to read the same old boring garbage.  For instance, it was about a year ago that every site, newspaper, magazine, and social media had, and I’m sure still has, the Kardashian/Jenner circus pictures showing these talent-lacking clowns doing absolutely nothing and making millions doing it.  

Several years ago it was all about Paris Hilton and Tinkerbell, her overly pampered Chihuahua.  By the way Tinkerbell is now living in doggie heaven like every other dog that has passed.  But fear not, Paris spent $8,000 on a replacement Chihuahua.  I do have to admit that I would rather look at a mini dog, or any dog for that matter, instead of a Kardashian butt.

For the last 5 months the internet, the rag papers and even the TV tabloid shows have covered the Jolie-Pitt extravaganza every single day.  First it was the courtship. Every movement was recorded for the world to see. How in love they were.  The traveling all over the world, the acquiring of 6 kids from various countries besides having their own little offsprings, moving into a different mansion, French chateau or German villa every few months,  and finally the “simple wedding!”  So cute, so lovable, so . . . phony! 

I have to admit I use to look at the pictures of their “United Nations kiddos” and check out what Angelina Jolie was wearing to the award shows.  I really thought that this was the hdollar bills and the word money in scrabble tilesappiest couple of the century.  Then out of the blue, the “D” word was being thrown all over the place.  The substance abuse, the kid abuse; it goes on and on and on.

But hey, it all comes down to money, right?  Whether these charges are true or not, whether they love each other or not, the fact remains that they are still parents of 6 little ones who need to be raised in a somewhat normal environment.  The key word here is “normal.” Can children of divorced celebrity parents be happy with $100,000 a month?  That’s almost $17,000 a month for each kid to try to exist on. Ya, right!

In my humble opinion Hollywood celebrities prove everyday that their world has nothing to do with the world of the normal people.  (I could talk about what is”normal”, but that’s for another time.) Their values, their ideas and their lifestyle are disconnected from reality.  These celebs should all stick to what they do best . . . just entertain us!