I don’t like holiday commercialism.  Yes, yes, I know that it’s all about the money, encouraging people to get their shopping done as early as possible so they can project huge sales at year end.  Who came up with Black Friday & Cyber Monday anyway?  It comes down to battling crowds at the stores, or shopping at your computer with a glass of wine, which might be the best advantage for some. By the way, Black Friday should be changed to Black Thursday Night.  It’s the hurry-up-&-chomp-down-your-turkey day because the big deals are going to start at 5pm Thanksgiving night.  Macy’s in Herald Square (this is where the Macy’s Day parade happens on Thanksgiving morning) had 15,000 people plow into the store for bargains at 5pm Thanksgiving night.  Heck, the people should just go to the parade with a Turkey sandwich so they could camp out at the main entrance without missing a beat.

My point is that we are bombarded with Christmas sales and decorations before Halloween.  In my opinion, it’s much too early to plan that far in advance without being stressed.  I feel disorganized because I don’t even think about Christmas until I’m done with Thanksgiving.

I can almost bet the Valentine merchandise will be displayed right after the trees and lights are removed.  The commercial holidays roll from one month to the next with no breathing room for the weary. 

My days, no–my years, are speeding by at record speed, therefore, I don’t need anyone telling me to hurry up and get things done so they can show great profits on their bottom line!  

I’ll get things done at my own pace- when I want and how I want, thank you very much.