largeHow true is this quote from the television show Grey’s Anatomy? A baby’s first word is something that creates such excitement and pride. Parents talk to their babies and enunciate words waiting and hoping for that first real word to emerge, but then once those babies are grown, the real art of communication begins.

Recently I realized that communication is something that needs to be taught and not something that children just grow up knowing how to do. I was told by my 12 year old son that communication is hard work. There is definitely truth in that statement!  There are courses taught on this subject, but they all seem to be geared towards strengthening public speaking skills versus your everyday life situations.  To me, communication means talking to another person while being in the moment and giving them the attention they deserve. You want to capture their attention and be respectful for no other reason than that’s how you want them to treat you.

Teaching children how to communicate politely and effectively is one of a parent’s most important tasks. Assuming your child will learn proper communication skills without your guidance is a big mistake. Parents need to teach their children basic communication skills at birth and continue to hone those skills as the child matures. Being an adept communicator is a necessary skill in today’s world. Children need guidance from their parents to learn how to not only communicate effectively but also politely. Good listening skills, self-control, use of good grammar, and sensitivity to others are all skills that are learned.  Communication is what helps deepen your connections to others and improve teamwork, decision making, and problem solving.

I have researched many articles available on the internet to come up with the top attributes of a great communicator.  These techniques should be practiced every day until they are mastered. I have written them down and posted them on the refrigerator in our house so that we as a family have a constant reminder.

  1. Be enthusiastic
  2. Make good eye contact
  3. Speak clearly and correctly
  4. Refrain from speaking too quickly
  5. Be confident
  6. Pay attention
  7. Be curious and ask questions
  8. Practice good listening skills
  9. Think before you speak
  10. Take turns and don’t interrupt
  11. Pay attention to nonverbal signals
  12. Enter Conversations politely
  13. Stay away from Gossip
  14. Don’t Pretend.

And of course, the most important attribute is…


All relationships from a significant other, parent, brother, sister, child, boss, coworker, customer, etc. is uniquely different and requires us to communicate differently.  You would choose your words wisely with a coworker or a customer where you can speak freely with your best friend or sibling. 

Have you ever noticed when you say something nice or complimentary to someone you’re speaking with, how it can actually make them light up, as if you’ve turned on some kind of a switch? The way you are able to bring out the best in yourself is by making a conscious effort to bring out the best in someone else through your communication.

At the end of the day, everyone just wants to feel connected to others, build better relationships, express themselves and navigate challenging situations. Effective communication is the key!

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