nancyMy life was at risk yesterday! I went food shopping on a Saturday around 2 pm. What was I thinking? The place was way too crowded. More so than usual, so I immediately knew this was not going to be fun. For some reason every basket had at least 6 people attached – adults, teens and screaming kids. Why can’t people just go grocery shopping alone? They seem to bring everyone they know with them to add to the craziness.

I like to watch husbands and wives shop together. They do not agree on anything. They question why one is buying a certain item, or they ask each other if they need this or that. You would think after doing this a few time, they would have learned how to check their pantry, make a list and just get it done.

Then there are the people who have no clue how to park their basket to the side so others can pass. They leave their basket in the middle of the aisle and wander off to contemplate and stare at the food on the shelves. I am sure they are the same people I complain about who drive on the roads and should be home sitting in their chair not causing trouble.

I also interrupted a quasi town meeting being held at the Milk storage coolers. There were 3 baskets and 9 people just chatting about what, I have no clue. But they were not going to budge. No one invited me to the meeting, so I maneuvered through the crowd, got my gallon of milk and moved on.

Fortunately, I have become very proficient at the self-checkouts; no drama there. I just wanted to bag my groceries the way I want, and get to my car. As I was loading my bags, a very robust woman approached me with that same story we have all heard a millions time: “Excuse me, miss, but I left my wallet at home, and I need a few dollars for gas.” I just said, “NO!” and she went on to the next shopper. I sure hope no one falls for this little game. Between begging, she was texting on her phone, probably on Google maps searching for her next parking lot.