nancyAs a kitchen designer I feel timeless designs are essential for remodel or new construction projects. I steer away from fads where it screams “done in 2015.” Where am I going with this? Back to goofy people, of course! Marcia & Joel, a Canadian couple, are so enamored with The Simpsons that they are redoing their kitchen to look just like Marge’s kitchen. Ok, ok, so if they want colorful and crazy, I say go for it. They want corncob curtains on their windows, huge turquoise knobs on the lilac cabinet doors and avocado appliances? That’s great if it makes them happy. But for the sake of practicality and safety, certain items should be the real deal. Turquoise contact paper was used to cover the countertop for a mere $20. What a cost savings until the edges start to curl by the sink and the scratches and worn areas look gross. Contact paper is not the correct material for a food work surface. We all know that. The stove top was also covered in contact paper. This is a fire hazard if I ever saw one.

I do believe there are times when the “do-it-yourself” approach is totally appropriate for certain items. If the homeowner knows what he is doing, has experience and the know-how in that area and has the time to do, then I say go for it.

article-simpsons-2-0820When the enthusiastic homeowner works on items that might endanger the health and safety of the family or anyone in the home, then get a professional to do the job correctly and within code. Yes, I know there are areas where codes do not exist, but that shouldn’t stop a person from using common sense.
In the case of the Simpson copycat kitchen, spending a little extra money for a new laminate countertop and getting the appliances professionally painted might save them from a catastrophe in the future.

Ay Caramba!, as Bart would say. At the end of the day, people will do what they are going to do!