A lie is a false statement that is said intentionally to a person to hide the truth that has harmful consequences, while a fib is a statement said about something unimportant or minor and does not have harmful consequences. However, in both cases, the truth is avoided.

Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, has said on numerous occasions and in congressional hearings that the United States borders are secure, but they are not. The US Border Patrol has encountered approximately 1.33 million migrants in fiscal year 2023 to date. This is a lie.

Kamala Harris, Vice President in the Biden administration, has said the southern border was secure during a Meet the Press interview. This is a lie.

Both Mayorkas and Harris, along with Joe Biden, has blamed the 6 million illegals coming into American on the previous administration. Not so, since the truth is well documented.

Joe Biden has earned the most Pinocchios by sharing fibs and lies every time he appears in front of a microphone. 

Biden delivered a speech on January 28, 2023 to hail economic progress during his administration and to attack congressional Republicans for their proposals on the economy and the social safety net.

CNN said some of Biden’s claims in the speech were false, misleading or lacking critical context, though others were correct. Read his lies and the CNN factchecks here

The following statements made by Joe Biden have been factchecked by Politifact. 

Pick and chose the topic you are interested in, then click the link to find the truth. 

February 15, 2023 in a speech in Lanham, Maryland:
“More cops are killed responding to domestic violence calls than anything else.”

February 15, 2023 in a speech in Lanham, Maryland:
October 27, 2022 in a speech in Syracuse, N.Y.:
March 1, 2022 in in his State of the Union address:
December 12, 2021 in an interview with Rita Braver of CBS:
November 30, 2021 in a conversation at a technical college in Minnesota:
August 20, 2021 in remarks:
We can say that some of Joe’s lies are due to his obvious cognitive issues and his confusion when reading his teleprompter. We might even call some of these fibs.  But when Biden says that white supremacy and the Magna Republicans are ruining our democracy, that’s is a vicious lie that he delivers with vengeance and hate. 
It’s time for Joe to retire from politics and sit in his rocking chair in the basement.