What is going on at the gas pumps?  Biden has blamed the pandemic for the rising fuel costs and recently changed his focus on blaming Putin.  The media is agreeing with Biden’s lies instead of blaming higher gasoline prices and rising inflation of 7.5% on the Biden administrations bad policies. What else is new?

Although Biden can’t speak coherently, even when trying to read from the teleprompter, he is actually the puppet for his administration trying to push the United States to switch to renewable fuels, no matter the cost to the consumers.

The Biden administration is bowing to AOC, Kerry and the climate activists’ Green New Deal-like agenda – banning fracking, subsidizing wind and solar, etc. – that has made Europe dependent on a hostile nation to power their economies.  The world still needs oil and, unfortunately, much of it is in the wrong hands.

Since Biden became president, he has set about junking one of America’s greatest geopolitical advantages – abundant, cheap energy – in a reckless quest to drive down carbon emissions.

Biden has given power to Vladimir Putin by purchasing Russian oil and putting billions of dollars into Putin’s pocket to finance his war against Ukraine. 36 percent of Russia’s federal budget comes from sales of oil and gas, every jump in oil prices – and every incremental barrel he sells instead of the U.S. – is a windfall for Putin.

Bipartisan members of Congress have been pushing legislation to ban oil imports from Russia and Republicans, especially, have been calling for more domestic oil and gas production in the wake of Russia’s ongoing assault on Ukraine. 

As much as I don’t find House Speaker Nancy Pelosi capable of anything, she finally got something right. She supports banning all Russian oil to the United States amid growing momentum in Congress to find additional ways to cut off revenue streams to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

After saying in October 2020, that a president can’t legislate by executive order “unless you’re a dictator,” Biden signed 77 executive orders in his first year as president.  Many of them undoing anything with former President Trump’s name on them. Instead of doing what’s best for America, Biden’s actions are fueled by his hate for Trump.  This is obvious!

Shutting down the Keystone pipeline putting 11,000 people out of work and opening up our southern borders causing 2 million illegals, fentanyl and human trafficking to be rampant are the Biden administration’s claim to fame. 

Go Brandon! You are doing a hell of a bad job for our country.