Purchasing your first couch, or a whole room of furniture, can be overwhelming especially if you are not working with a designer.  Liz Baker, principle of Willis Baker Design, is Nancy’s guest this week.  Liz has years of experience in knowing the good, the bad and the ugly of furniture and will explain how to recognize quality. Listen to this podcast to be aware before you go furniture shopping.  

  • Purchasing all new or acquire pieces over time.
  • Mix old and new.
  • Mix cost-effective and expensive.
  • Different types of furniture:
  • Cost-effective – replaceable, “throw away” furniture, trendy
  • Mid-end – big retailers, mixture of quality; some carry good quality manufacturers, but it’s hard to tell what has been contracted
  • High-end – what makes the price so high: craftsmanship, quality; collectible, pass down to family; refinish or reupholster


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