Are you mask free? Interesting times as many places (definitely Las Vegas where Dan lives) are taking the CDC Guidance as gospel and flinging the doors open. Fingers crossed it all works out for us after our long slog staying healthy away from other humans…

Do check out This Week in Virology for their weekly Clinical Update, it’s about 30 minutes to catch up on the science without any politics. Dr. Daniel Griffin is a qualified professional and he’s still losing patients to COVID-19…

CasaNunzia continues!

We talked more about the CasaNunzia project and the motivation to get this entity formed so we can tackle some real world issues that Nancy and Dan encounter all the time (from the design side and the tech side, respectively). Now let us get some real people who really need the things that many want because they are cool or high-tech…

We talked about this briefly, an example of a project that was very expensive to develop but ultimately didn’t address real needs of real customers. Let’s involve people in the process to make their lives better with real solutions!

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Episode Art

Picture taken by Dan Hugo in May in Las Vegas… this happens all the time, good luck if you have any challenges getting around without obstacles thrown up in your way!