Without question, if you have a kitchen, and who doesn’t, you are interested in the newest appliances, even if you are not going to purchase immediately.  Our subject today is the newest and greatest appliances for 2021, and who better to chat with Nancy than Steve Ertle with Spencer’s Appliances in Arizona. Steve is extremely knowledgeable since he has been in the appliance business for 40 years and keeps up with all brands, makes and models. 

Trend #1. On the Rise: Steam Ovens

  • Steam ovens and convection steam ovens.

Trend #2. Refrigerators are getting a huge upgrade in 2021.

  • Glass-door refrigerators 
  • Notification
  • handles a thing of the past. 

Trend #3.  Everything will be available for you in a touch of a button in 2021.

  • Wireless Bluetooth devices 

Trend #4. Finger Touch Gets Rid Of Knobs

  • Say goodbye to knobs and controls, and say hello to touch controls!

Trend #5. Technology Is All Around Us

  • Continued push for incorporation of technology.
  • Sous Vide method of cooking

Popularity of Stainless Steel

Appliances Delays – a trend of 2021?

  • A lack of materials and delays in shipping times mean nearly every type of appliance is being impacted.
  • Other factors for delays

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